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Angelic Heart Bamboo Wind Chime

Angelic Heart Bamboo Wind Chime


Cherish the serene melodies of our Angelic Harmony Bamboo Wind Chime, a captivating addition to your serene retreat. This wind chime, delicately crafted, features a pair of angel wings with a heart-shaped cutout at the center, symbolizing love and protection. The wings are finished in a distressed white for a rustic yet ethereal appearance, evoking a sense of peace and purity.

Below the angelic emblem, a collection of bamboo chutes dangle gracefully. Each chute is carefully cut to various lengths, ensuring a unique and melodious sound when caressed by a gentle wind. This delightful orchestration of natural bamboo tones creates a calming ambiance in any space.

Perfect for an outdoor garden, a reflective corner, or near an open window, this wind chime is designed to add a touch of tranquility to your surroundings. Let the wind play its soft symphony, while the angel wings watch over, creating an atmosphere of serene bliss in your home.

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