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Artisan Wicker Vase Duo

Artisan Wicker Vase Duo


Experience the essence of natural elegance with our Artisan Woven Wicker Vases, available in two distinct sizes to complement your space and styling needs.

Large Wicker Vase: This statuesque piece stands at 50cm in height, with a width of 26cm, making it an impressive decorative element for any room. The aperture has a 15cm diameter, inviting a variety of arrangements, from bold bouquets to simple greenery.

Small Wicker Vase: Slightly more modest but equally captivating, the smaller version reaches 46cm in height with the same width of 26cm. Its 15cm diameter opening welcomes similar creative display options.

Both vases boast a meticulous weave of contrasting black and natural wicker, creating a striking pattern that draws the eye. Each vase’s cylindrical form tapers gracefully at the neck, culminating in an open mouth that showcases the intricate craftsmanship.

Whether showcased together for a coordinated look or individually to accent different rooms, these vases promise to infuse your home with a rustic yet refined atmosphere. Ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of handmade artistry, our Wicker Vases are not just containers for flowers but standalone pieces of decor that embody a blend of traditional technique and contemporary design.

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