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Patchwork Handmade Batik Bag

Patchwork Handmade Batik Bag


Unique Handcrafted Patchwork Batik Bags

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tradition of batik with our exquisitely crafted patchwork bags. Each bag is a sartorial mosaic, pieced together with love and care from a kaleidoscope of batik patterns, ensuring no two are ever the same.

Dimensions: Approx. 26cm x 26cm – Perfect for your everyday essentials.

Design: Featuring a secure zipper and an additional flap for extra safety, these bags are designed not just for style but for practicality. Inside, discover a handy zippered pocket, ideal for keeping your treasures safe and organized.

Comfort & Versatility: With an adjustable strap, wear it your way – over the shoulder or across the body for hands-free convenience.

Craftsmanship: Each bag tells its own story, with intricate patchwork that pays homage to the ancient art of batik. The vibrant colors and unique designs echo the spirit of the artisans who bring these bags to life.

Sustainability & Ethos: By choosing one of these bags, you’re supporting sustainable practices and helping to preserve traditional craftsmanship. Embrace the uniqueness and let your bag be a conversation starter about the beauty of handmade art.

Add a splash of color to your wardrobe with a piece that’s as individual as you are. Shop now and carry a work of art every day.

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