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Pressed metal – Aluminum and Mirror Mobile

Pressed metal – Aluminum and Mirror Mobile


Introducing our captivating Pressed Metal and Mirror Hanger, where artistic design meets functionality. These hangers not only add a touch of sophistication to your verandah but also catch and reflect light beautifully. Their intricate patterns and textures create a mesmerizing play of shadows and luminosity. Plus, they serve as an elegant way to keep birds away from your outdoor space. Elevate your verandah decor with these stylish and practical hangers, making your space both visually stunning and bird-friendly.


180cm Approx – These are handmade and may be slight differences in length.

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Dragonfly, Pineapple, Shell, Star, Elephant, Moon, Owl, Sun, Fish, Star Fish, Buddha Hand, Butterfly, Unicorn, Sea Horse, Bird, Turtle


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