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We will be travelling South East Asia personally multiple times each year to source new products for our shop and online store.

Predominantly we will source products manufactured in Indonesia from lovely individuals and families working hard to produce interesting and unique items that in most cases are made by hand and will take several days to make a single item.

This inspiring and creative culture produces and manufactures some of the most beautiful stone, wood, textile, resin, bamboo, shell, macrame, glass products that we will ever see. In some cases the techniques are very simple yet sophisticated in design, and in others it is sophistication and determination that produces some one of a kind pieces that we are privileged to bring back to Australia and display in our shop and online.

Indonesia’s cultural diversity speaks to it’s strength through its people. It is the island of the Gods, and today through The Living Room Berry, you are taken on a part of what that journey has evolved to through centuries of experience passed down through the people to create the beautiful pieces we see right here.

The story of Indonesia is that of it’s land, the people and the unseen forces that watch over Indonesia. An ancient kingdom that has been blessed since time immemorial with fertile soil, soaring peaks and lush landscapes; an island inhabited by warm souls, old legends and benign Gods. From the perfumed air that blows across the rice paddies, and the lazy swaying of palm fronds and Banyan branches in the rain forest, to the waves that lap the shores, everything is connected and all part of the same story. And owning a piece of this cultures hand works puts you right in this story.

In Balinese philosophy, the harmony of the universe is preserved by the relationship between the five elements, which are; ether, air, fire, water and earth. All these elements are put into the creations that The Living Room Berry has on offer for you to purchase, display, enjoy and truly become part of this ancient culture.

As such, in Indonesia, to live at one with ourselves we must pay tribute to the Gods who watch over us through offerings, ceremony and performance. These three bonds between mankind and their surroundings, their neighbours and their Gods are known as the Tri Hita Karana. Simply put this is (Tri = three, Hita = happiness, Karana = causes) 1 The relationship between person and God, 2 The relationship between person and person, 3 The relationship between person and nature. All three Tri Hita Karana relationships are required to be maintained to achieve harmony and riches. The Balinese believe that all three are the foundation for sustainable development.

This is a little bit about the story and culture, belief and history of the Indonesian people. And it’s a story that we love and we are inviting you to be part of with some of the beautiful items you will find at  The Living Room Berry. How you use, display or gift these items surely will resonate with the Tri Hita Karana when broken down to it’s simple meaning and we are honoured to be able to share this journey.


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