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Crazy Critter Plant Pot – Small

Crazy Critter Plant Pot – Small


Add a dash of playful charm to your home with our Crazy Critter Plant Pots, the small-sized companions that bring life to any corner. Measuring a delightful 12 cm by 10.5 cm by 11 cm, these pots are perfect for cradling your beloved small plants or succulents.

Available in a tranquil light sage, a hue that whispers of early morning garden walks and a soothing touch of nature, as well as a classic, versatile grey that is sure to complement any decor. Each pot is designed with a friendly, whimsical face that promises to spark joy and conversation. Whether nestled on your kitchen windowsill, keeping you company at your office, or greeting guests in the entryway, these Crazy Critter Plant Pots are sure to infuse your space with personality and a hint of the great outdoors.

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Light Sage, Grey


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