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Elegant Whitewashed Rattan Coaster – Handwoven Circular Dining Accent

Elegant Whitewashed Rattan Coaster – Handwoven Circular Dining Accent


Elevate your table setting with the perfect companion to our Whitewashed Rattan Placemat – the Handwoven Rattan Coaster. This charming coaster shares the same exquisite whitewashed finish and handcrafted quality, seamlessly blending with the placemat to create a cohesive dining experience.

Each coaster is a miniature work of art, expertly woven by artisans to feature a radiant design that not only looks beautiful but also provides a sturdy resting place for your glasses and mugs. The intricate weaving allows for a slight elevation, preventing heat or moisture from touching your surfaces, while the whitewashed effect adds a touch of rustic yet refined style to your table.

Its compact size is perfect for various drinkware, from your morning coffee cup to an evening glass of wine, making it a versatile choice for any occasion. The rattan material is known for its durability, ensuring these coasters can be a part of your daily rituals for years to come.

Pair this rattan coaster with our matching placemat for a complete tableware ensemble that speaks of understated elegance and thoughtful coordination. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet drink, these coasters are an essential element for a well-dressed table.

Size : 10 cm x 10cm

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Size : 10 cm x 10cm


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