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Indonesian Oceanic Motif Hand-Carved Coconut Trunk Vase

Indonesian Oceanic Motif Hand-Carved Coconut Trunk Vase


Immerse yourself in the deep beauty of the Indonesian seas with our Oceanic Motif Hand-Carved Coconut Trunk Vase. Each piece is masterfully sculpted from the resilient trunk of the coconut tree, a sustainable and sturdy canvas that pays homage to the tree’s native Indonesian roots.

This vase features an evocative wave pattern swirling around its base, a tribute to the country’s rich maritime history and the natural beauty of its surrounding waters. The intricate carvings are highlighted by a dual-tone finish that brings out the depth and texture of the waves, contrasting beautifully against the weathered look of the natural wood.

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The vase’s tapered design and ample interior make it an ideal vessel for large floral arrangements or as a stand-alone statement piece. Its aesthetic blends the rustic charm of island life with a sophisticated, artistic touch, making it a versatile addition to any decor style, from tropical to modern.

Each vase is not just a receptacle but a piece of art, telling the story of its origin through every hand-carved line. It’s a celebration of traditional Indonesian craftsmanship, designed to bring an element of exotic elegance to your home.

Size 150cm x 40 cm Approx

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Size 150cm x 40 cm Approx


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