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Indonesian Tribal Carved Coconut Trunk Vase

Indonesian Tribal Carved Coconut Trunk Vase


Discover the rustic allure of our Indonesian Tribal Carved Coconut Trunk Vase, a stunning piece of artisanal craftsmanship that brings a piece of the tropics into your living space. Each vase is skillfully hollowed out from a robust coconut tree trunk, native to the lush landscapes of Indonesia, and boasts a series of intricate carvings that tell a story of cultural heritage and skilled artistry.

The body of the vase is adorned with geometric tribal patterns, etched into the wood and highlighted with a subtle whitewash that accentuates each line and curve. A striking floral motif graces the center, showcasing detailed petals and traditional designs that are synonymous with Indonesian art.

This vase is not just a container but a statement piece, offering a blend of natural texture and sophisticated design. Whether displayed alone as a focal point or used to hold a collection of tropical flowers, this carved coconut trunk vase is sure to captivate and add an exotic touch to any decor.

Perfect for those who appreciate worldly decor and unique pieces with a story, this vase is a testament to the beauty of traditional craftsmanship and the timeless appeal of natural materials. Bring the essence of Indonesian culture into your home with this exquisite, hand-carved treasure.

Size – 100cm x 23 cm (Approx)

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Size – 100cm x 23 cm (Approx)


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