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Natural Woven Rattan Drum Stool

Natural Woven Rattan Drum Stool


Introducing the Natural Woven Rattan Drum Stool, a harmonious blend of functionality and organic design. Measuring 50cm in height and 30cm in diameter, this stool is a versatile addition to any room, offering both a comfortable seating option and a touch of natural texture.

Expertly handcrafted, the stool features a sturdy base made from solid wood, supporting a drum-shaped top intricately woven with high-quality rattan. The natural tones of the rattan are preserved to enhance the warm, earthy feel, making it an ideal match for a range of interior palettes, from tropical to Scandinavian minimalism.

The compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to move and place throughout your home wherever extra seating or a charming accent is needed. It’s perfect for small spaces, adding both style and practicality without overwhelming the area. Enjoy the timeless appeal and handcrafted quality of our Natural Woven Rattan Drum Stool in your daily living.

Size 50cm x 30cm

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Size 50cm x 30cm


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