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Nautical Shell-Embellished Rattan Coaster

Nautical Shell-Embellished Rattan Coaster


Welcome the serene vibe of the seaside into your home with our Nautical Shell-Embellished Rattan Coaster. This distinctive coaster is thoughtfully handcrafted, combining the natural beauty of tightly woven rattan with a playful border of white seashells. Each shell is carefully selected and placed to create a symmetrical, eye-catching fringe around the coaster’s edge.

This coaster isn’t just a functional item to protect your surfaces from stains and heat; it’s a piece of decor that captures the essence of coastal charm. The neutral tones of the rattan are perfectly complemented by the white shells, making it a versatile fit for any color scheme while adding a touch of organic texture to your table setting.

Ideal for your beach house, summer gatherings, or just to bring a touch of maritime flair to your daily life, this coaster is both durable and stylish. It’s perfect for setting down your morning coffee or evening cocktail, turning every sip into a mini getaway.

This Shell-Embellished Rattan Coaster is sure to become a treasured part of your tableware collection.

Size 14 cm x 14 cm

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Size 14 cm x 14 cm


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