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Wooden Garlic Hanging Decor

Wooden Garlic Hanging Decor


Introducing our Wooden Garlic Hanging Decor, an exquisite piece that adds a touch of rustic charm and character to any kitchen or dining space. This beautifully handcrafted item simulates a string of garlic bulbs, traditionally hung to dry, but with a durable and everlasting wooden construction.

Each bulb in the cluster is carved with attention to detail, showing off the natural beauty of the wood grain and finished with a soft, white wash accented with delicate purple hues to mimic the natural variation of garlic skin. The realistic look is enhanced by the careful sculpting of each bulb, complete with the gentle curves and the signature papery texture of garlic.

Suspended by a sturdy jute twine, this garlic string can be easily hung in your kitchen, adding both aesthetic appeal and a homely feel. It’s a tribute to the timeless practices of herb and vegetable curing, transformed into a piece of art that celebrates culinary traditions.

This Wooden Garlic Hanging Decor is not only a unique decorative piece but also a perfect gift for those who love cooking or appreciate the beauty of artisanal kitchen decor. It’s a charming and practical addition to any home, bringing a sense of warmth and tradition to your living space.

Size – 40cm – approx – each piece is hand made so a little different in colour and size.

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Size – 40cm – approx – each piece is hand made so a little different in colour and size.


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