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Wooden Lemon Hanging Decor

Wooden Lemon Hanging Decor


Presenting our Handmade Wooden Lemon Hanging Decor, a zesty and vibrant addition to your home that captures the essence of sun-ripened lemons. Skillfully hand-carved by artisans, each piece in this bunch showcases the bright, cheerful yellow of freshly picked citrus, completed with a smooth, glossy finish that highlights the wood’s natural grain.

The lemons are artfully strung together with robust twine, symbolizing abundance and a zest for life, making it an ideal accent for kitchens, dining areas, or any space that could benefit from a splash of color and Mediterranean flair. This hanging decor piece is not only a nod to the fragrant lemon groves but also an expression of craftsmanship and the beauty of handmade art.

Whether it’s to complement a farmhouse-chic aesthetic, to bring a touch of nature indoors, or to serve as a permanent reminder of the sweet and tangy pleasures of life, this Wooden Lemon Hanging Decor is sure to brighten up your space. It’s a delightful gift for culinary enthusiasts, a charming housewarming present, or a perfect way to add a dash of sunny optimism to your own home.

Size: 40 cm – approx – as each one is handmade, colour and size may differ slightly

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Size: 40 cm – approx – as each one is handmade, colour and size may differ slightly


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